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If You Give A Gay A Gr*ndr – A glimpse inside the complex culture of online dating where individuals are faced with the reality of synonymous behavior.
BOSTON, MA ( January 2021) – Author Joe Amorino comically explores the real challenges of online dating in his self-published debut graphic novella, titled If You Give A Gay A Gr*ndr. As an out and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Joe has personally experienced the unique culture of online dating first hand. Infatuated with human behavior and culture, and with the help of illustrator Javier Ramos, Joe wished to personify the various scenarios that play out when seemingly respectable singles find themselves engrossed by an unrelenting dating application.
If You Give A Gay A Gr*ndr feels like sardonic déjà vu to anyone in the immediate circle of a friend who is courting. Amorino delivers these scenarios in a beautifully visual manner where comedy meets accountability. The storyline, which mirrors that of a children’s book delivers on self-isolation, identity, and the flippant existential suck of doomscrolling at a time when these themes are common thread for the community at large.
A regional salon educator by trade, Joe Amorino is a New England native who has spent the last decade exercising his passion for people behind the chair in salons across the region. As a single gay man, Joe has a first-hand perspective on the real-world dating challenges faced by men, women, and unidentified adults alike. As a storyteller, Joe appreciates the infusion of comedy wherever possible and has a deep love of pop culture, which helps drive his creative process. If You Give A Gay A Gr*ndr acts as the debut release in what he hopes will be a series of fictionally tailored stories that expand the presence of LGBTQ+ literature in bookstores across America.
Please contact Joe Amorino on Instagram @lifewithjoeamo, or visit reallygaybooks.com to pre- order a copy of If You Give A Gay A Gr*ndr (Really Gay Books 2021) or to schedule an interview with Joe Amorino.